Hi. My name’s Bob. Well actually it’s Kate but people call me Bob.

I have an ‘outrageous’ personality. For years I tried to deny my true personality and ‘fit in’… and made myself miserable in the process. In hindsight my misery was a LOT to do with being a female in a male-dominated environment and trying to live up to the conflicting ‘expectations’ of what that meant. I am naturally a leader and a go-getter but was struggling with the conflict between the pressure to be ‘demure & ladylike’… yet still deliver the goods.

I’m an experienced Business Transformation and Change practitioner, who became the Director of a company before turning 40. On a personal note, I’m a proud Mum of two (my family is EVERYTHING to me) and a real life Ninja as I am a student of Taekwon-Do!

My business experience straddles working in both large corporate, multinational environments and owner operated businesses. I spent over a decade working in the Investment Banking Industry in London before returning home to New Zealand in 2008 (as a result of the GFC) where I took up roles working as a Business Partner and then two General Management positions.

For last two years I’ve been working as a Business Advisor with Advantage Business – one of the largest, non-franchised business advisory groups in New Zealand. I specialise in coaching SME business owners in the Wellington region ‘solve the tough stuff’ and achieve their goals – which I find fulfilling on many levels. In July 2016, I was elected to the board of Advantage Business making me the youngest ever and first female Director.

Whilst continuing my work as a Director and Advisor through Advantage Business in 2016 I decided to fulfil another of my passions – helping other women forge their way in the Business world… and so ‘KILLING IT’ was born.

Yes there is discrimination in the workplace and yes the scales are sometimes unevenly balanced – but I have also seen that a lot of the obstacles women face (including my own) can actually be ‘self-fulfilling prophecies’. Sometimes the best way to overcome the ‘obstacles’ is to just…



That’s what this programme is about – using the framework to uncover the skills and talents you already have so YOU can achieve YOUR goals.

Want to know more about me?

“The programme is full of honesty which I appreciate. I am ready to ‘Think differently. Live Better’.

Thank you very much Kate x”

– Vikki-Lee Remuera, Sales Manager, Wakefield Digital