This programme is aimed at any woman who has ‘stuff’ they want to achieve in life!

You may feel like you’re not reaching your full potential or you may have hit a stumbling block. You might just feel a bit ‘blah’ about where you’re headed – or maybe you’re about to start on a new journey and want to make sure you have what it takes to KICK ASS.

Ladies… buy it for yourselves.

Gents… buy it for all the important women in your lives!


There are 12 chapters that each cover a different topic but relate back to each other at different points in the book.

In each chapter you will be given the PRACTICAL tools you need to apply the learnings to YOUR life because applying the theory to your own circumstances is the only way to create real and lasting positive change.

As you work through the chapters and build your personal toolkit you will see how the framework knits together to provide you with a cohesive and stable platform for you to achieve ANYTHING YOU WANT!

Key Ingredients

Just like when you’re baking a cake it is important to make sure you have everything you need to hand before you start mixing… including knowing what’s holding you back and how to tap into your greatest source of power – your CORE NEEDS.

How To Get Lucky

Luck is an interesting concept. It’s vague, indefinable and impossible to control. Here we use real life examples to work through how it is possible to make your own luck.

It’s all about me (and why shouldn’t it be?)

I’m willing to bet that YOUR LIFE isn’t actually all about YOU. I get it. As a Mum, Wife and Daughter a lot of MY life isn’t about me either and that’s OK. But I’ve have learned how to make my WORK life all about me – just as it should be!

Perception is reality

Now we have had a good look at ourselves from the inside out it’s time to start looking from the outside in! It’s kinda obvious that how we portray ourselves to the world – or rather how the world perceives us – is critical to the path our lives take.

Failure is a Virtue!

If you are reading this there is a 100% chance that your previous failures have not actually killed you. You will fail again – but failure is not something to be feared…. It’s a part of the journey.

The Complex art … of Simple Communication

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is the single most important factor in determining success in ALL areas of your life. Getting communication right can be complicated – but mastering the art of communication lies in making it very, very simple.

How to be Heard

It’s one thing to know how to communicate – but that’s just no good if you’re not speaking the same language! By comprehending how different personality profiles speak different languages, and of course understanding your own language you can be sure you can always get your message across.

In this chapter our Ninjas can also opt to complete an authentic DISC personality profile, and receive a personalised ‘debreif’ with an accredited DISC trainer. This multiplies the value of this chapter and the readers ability to apply to learnings to real life situations.

Give me a B!

All Change is HARD – but changing yourself is potentially the HARDEST OF ALL! It takes time, it takes energy and sometimes you will feel like you have failed SO EPICALLY you will want to give up. It’s at times like this you will need your own personal cheerleading squad.

Lead like a NINJA … Get what you need by giving others what they want!

Most people find it difficult to SPECIFICALLY PINPOINT what anyone other than themselves is looking for. But what if I told you that without psychic ability or magical powers it’s actually really easy to pinpoint exactly what people want and become their leader by providing it for them.

When life gives you lemons… Paint them and sell them as oranges!

In ‘How to get lucky’ we looked at taking problems and IMPROVING the situation… but here we’re going to look at how you can USE the situation to your advantage. That slight wording change actually required a MASSIVE mind shift. It requires you to stop seeing problems as problems, and start seeing them as opportunities.

Even when you’re the sensei – remain the student

Everyone has something AMAZING to teach you – EVERYONE. So keep learning.

New job… new you

It seems so much simpler to have a ‘fresh start’ and go to a new employer where ‘things will be different’. Sometimes a new job IS the answer – but don’t forget there are downsides of starting from scratch. Whatever the reason if you DO decide to leave, there are some essentials to ensuring you do it in the RIGHT way and move to the RIGHT situation.


The programme consists of 12 chapters in an e-book (provided on USB) each covering a different topic accompanied by a workbook (provided in hard copy) to complete exercises designed to be practical and action focussed – and all about you!

This programme has been designed for YOU to fit around YOUR life. Whether you take two weeks or two months to complete it is up to you! You may want to revisit some chapters or take longer over others (especially the ones that are the most relevant to your specific current challenges) and that’s totally fine.

No matter how you approach the programme it’s like having your own personal coach in your pocket that you can pull out whenever you need some support or another perspective. The tools and exercises are simple and practical – but most importantly of all they are iterative. They don’t get worn out… they get MORE VALUABLE every time you use them and they will have a profound effect on the way you view and react to the world…

The coolest thing about the programme is that it puts YOU IN CONTROL of your future.

For such a small investment this really is an EPICALLY POWERFUL programme.

The Book

Full of wisdom, humour and insights the book itself is delivered on a USB so you can download it to any device you like…as many times as you like. Tablet, laptop, smartphone… or all of the above, the portability and flexibility of having digital copy removes many of the obstacles often associated with ‘finding time’ to work through programmes like this.

Most of the lessons in the programme are those I have learned the HARD WAY and because I preach that you must be BRUTALLY HONEST with yourself… I have included a lot of very honest stories from my own background. Sugar coating the truth is banned here ladies!

Not every woman knows how to clearly define what it is they want… let alone how to go about getting it. So the best place to start is at the very beginning… what is it you want and what’s holding you back…? Then we really get to work honing your Ninja warrior skills.

The Workbook

This little puppy is the exact opposite of the digital book because it’s only available in hard copy. Writing things out by hand (especially exercises that require thought and honesty) makes the words ‘more real’ and therefore more valuable. All the tools and information you need to work through the programme are included in a sleek glossy A5 workbook that will slip neatly into any handbag… we even supply you with a pen so you REALLY have no excuses!

The exercises in the hard copy workbook are interspersed throughout each of the chapters – taking you on a very personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment as the framework unfolds…. and if you value your privacy or the thought of other people knowing what you’re writing down makes you blush FEAR NOT! The elegant and simple design of the cover deliberately gives no clues as to what has you so engrossed!

“Kate’s programme is fabulous. It is practical, solutions and action focused. I’ve read LOTS of personal development books and had various coaching experiences but this one is by far the best.

Do it now! Buy it now! Get started!”

– Janet MacDonald, Owner, Change Hub