“Kate’s programme is fabulous. It is practical, solutions and action focused. I’ve read LOTS of personal development books and had various coaching experiences but this one is by far the best.

Most programmes are not grounded in reality or they take a cookie-cutter approach. Neither applied to this programme. Most coaching doesn’t have the depth to take your unique circumstances and challenges into the mix. It will be challenging but already I feel like I am reaping the rewards.

Do it now! Buy it now! Get started!”

– Janet MacDonald, Owner, Change Hub


“Sometime in life you need that one person to tell you how it is. “Wake up and try doing things this way” and if you don’t have that someone in person to tell you, then you will definitely find the guidance written throughout this programme – Like I have!!

I have been very career orientated after having my daughter 12 years ago. I wish I had this working tool during those years to help me strive for better and pick up the pace towards doing so.

The programme is full of honesty which I appreciate. I am ready to “Think differently. Live Better”.

Thank you very much Kate x”

– Vikki-Lee Remuera, Sales Manager, Wakefield Digital